ROV Peewee 100


The Peewee 100, has been designed to be carried out when necessary, to fulfill its mission, professionally and efficiently. With the launch of the Peewee 100, the idea of ​​manufacturing an ultra compact, robust and quality ROV has finally ceased to be a dream.

The ROV is protected by a stainless steel frame (AISI 316L) made with laser, from bumps and scratches, and prevents the ROV’s propellers from being entangled by accident with nets or other underwater devices. The equipment is designed to work up to a depth of 100m.

In its front part it incorporates a full HD camera, mounted on a tilt system and with high intensity LED spotlights. On the surface, the control center is simple and intuitive, which reduces the difficulty of handling.

This ROV becomes a towed camera thanks to its built-in depressor design. We have developed this way, the first hybrid system in its class worldwide.