About us

Mariscope Meerestechnik, is a German company located in Kiel and established in 1994 and with several years of dedication in the development of underwater robotics.

Due to the academic education of its founders, both oceanographers and physicists and their collaboration with scientific research, there has been permanent marine technological development in the company. As a result, the range of products and special developments has taken the company to international recognition.

Up to now, Mariscope Meerestechnik manufactures all kinds of oceanographic instrumentation for river-, coastal-, lake-, offshore- and deep ocean applications.

Mariscope Engineering was founded with the idea of providing an adequate technical service in Latin America for all products manufactured by the parent company. Following the philosophy of providing comprehensive solutions, Mariscope includes professional diving and oceanographic consultancy as two additional aspects of the company.

Our Business Profile majorly focuses on underwater robotics, oceanographic engineering, offshore mining, aquaculture, hydraulics, consulting, marine technology and integration of measurement systems.

It is necessary to emphasize, our capacity to carry out special developments and specific requirements because this flexibility allows us to provide comprehensive solutions to extraordinary problems.