Towed Systems

Towed systems are a good alternative to ROV’s for inspections over extended areas, with the advantage of the deployment from small vessels. Equipped with a vast variety of sensors and instruments, and combined with underwater positioning systems (USBL) you get a cost efficient underwater observation unit. Over the past 28 years Mariscope has built an infinite number of different systems, most of them customized wether for the use
from small boats, in trawl nets, for extreme conditions or equipped with special measuring devices.

Mini Observer
300 meters Maximum operation depth

The Mini Observer is a fast deployable and easy to use system, built for any type of environment.


Observer V
500 meters, more on request Maximum operation depth

The Observer V is the last evolution of the Observer series. Over the years the unit has been improved to the actual version. Although bigger and heavier than the Mini Observer, these systems are also fast deployable and easy to use.