The Chameleon is a ROV initially designed for scientific purposes. It is not an adaptation of a Work-Class ROV, but a specially developed vehicle taking into account the applications and needs of the scientific community.

With the Chameleon Mariscope offers to the scientific community the first fully integrated scientific ROV.

Sensors are not attached to but central part of this vehicle. This ROV is only manufactured under request and according to the scientific scope. Sensors, grabbers, manipulators and samplers are integrated in the ROV and data managment system. Display on the surface is addapted to the sensors and units on board.

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    Technical data


    100 – 350 kg


    4 horizontal thrusters / 2 vertical thrusters – 900 W each

    Electrical power required

    > 15,0 kW (230 v AC)


    5 Knots


    Standard Full HD (1920 x 1080) cameras with integrated laser pointers in salt water resistant aluminum housing with anodized surface installed on external tilt tilt system (160° swivel angle).

    Additional zoom camera options.


    4 total LED spotlights each side.

    • 2 LED spotlights attached to the same camera tilt system that rotate simultaneously with it.
    • 2 fixed LED spotlights installed to optimize illumination.

    This configuration can be easily customized by the user, as the LED spotlights are attached to the chassis by specially designed brackets to fit to the ROV frame.

    Structural chassis

    Structural chassis made of AISI 316L stainless steel, hand welded (TIG) and crystal blasted.

    Other materials under request

    The passion for exploration and excelence drives us

    Optional accessories

    All the accessories are defined during the project.

    Special sensors delivered or designed by the client can be integrated.