Power, speed and maneuverability for the most adverse situations.

Based on the well-known and proven Commander MK III, this Observation/Light Work Class ROV has been designed keeping the field operativity in mind. In this model, Mariscope prioritizes function (Form follows function) by focusing on a structure that allows the buoyancy to be varied at any time and the payload of the equipment to be adjusted.

ROV speed and maneuverability, along with pilot training and skill, are in many operations the limiting factors in logistics efficiency after improving travel efficiency through the use of fast boats and reduced dead times.

The characteristics of this ROV reduce its hydrodynamic resistance and improve its maneuverability in all kind of situations. Thus, it achieves excellent performance in all conditions reducing travel and inspection underwater times.

Flat, fast, deep going, compact and light. 6 thrusters and completely modular and interchangeable. Unbeaten in its category.

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    Technical data


    60 – 120 kg (depending on the equipment)


    4 horizontal vectorized thrusters / 2 vertical thrusters – 400 W each in standard version (power can be increased on request up to 900 W).

    Brushless electric motors with magnetic coupling. Motors in saltwater resistant aluminum housing with anodized surface and zinc sacrificial anode.

    Electrical power required

    4,0 kW (230 v AC)


    4 Knots


    Full HD (1920 x 1080) camera in external tilt system (160° swivel angle) with built-in laser pointers, installed in salt water resistant aluminum housing with anodized surface.


    4 total LED spotlights.

    • 2 LED spotlights attached to the same camera tilt system that rotate simultaneously with it.
    • 2 fixed LED spotlights installed to optimize front illumination.

    This configuration can be easily customized by the user, as the LED spotlights are attached to the chassis by specially designed brackets to fit to the ROV frame.

    Structural chassis

    Structural chassis made of AISI 316L stainless steel, hand welded (TIG) and crystal blasted.

    The passion for exploration and excelence drives us

    Optional accessories

    • Umbilicals, length on request.
    • Special sensors for measuring CO2, H2S, CTDO, oil in water, UTM/CP probes, and others on request.
    • Special cameras and EOD lighting on request.
    • Forward-looking or high definition/multibeam sonars on request.
    • Different types of USBL tracking systems are available upon request.
    • Customized manipulators specially adapted to customer requirements.
    • Cavitation cleaning units.