Hand held camera – Mariscope



Many underwater operations require video cameras to perform an immediate surface-to-surface transmission inspection so that the supervisor, engineer or specialist on the surface can immediately visualize the object of interest and can tell the diver the task to be performed.

For this Mariscope has designed compact cameras with stainless steel or titanium casings, easy to use and manage, with transmission cable. These systems are equipped with high performance external LED lights or internal LED rings, which makes them highly compact and resistant. The control of light intensity comes from surface.

The surface operator has the option to record the images using modern recording systems such as HDD systems or DVD recorders as well as video capture cards to record directly to the laptop’s disk. The cameras can be color or black and white and upon request of the client can be equipped with different types of lenses.

For certain uses, Mariscope offers a system with special camera and zoom lens. In this way, the surface operator can manually vary the focus and the distance, without the diver intervening. Since Mariscope maintains high frequency in updating the video systems, we surely have the latest technology operational and up -to-date.