Mobile early leak detection system (MELDS)



ATTENTION!! Maintenance and Repairs ONLY

The Mobile Early Leak Detection System (MELDS) is a unique system for detection, localisation and qualification of subsea oil and gas leakages at a very early stage. It combines three completely independent methods for direct and indirect detection of hydrocarbons and associated anomalies. Mounted on an ROV/AUV or towed behind a vessel, MELDS allows for a wide area coverage in a short timespan and investigations at specific locations of interest.

MELDS Components:

– A polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon Kongsberg Maritime Contros HydroC Subsea Fluorometer (PAH) sensor based on the principle of fluorescence for the direct detection of oil in water in real time.
– A highly sensitive Kongsberg Maritime Contros HydroC Plus (CH) sensor, unambiguously detecting gaseous and dissolved CH4 in water as well as other hydrocarbons.
– A conductivity, temperature and pressure (CTD) sensor suite for the measurement of associated anomalies and for establishing an environmental baseline for any further investigations (such as the calculation of CH4 concentrations).

Key features:

– Designed for easy ROV/AUV integration.
– Modular system with the ability to add any third party sensor such as CO2, O2, Redox, pH, etc.
– Detects non-visible hydrocarbon leaks at a very early stage.
– Integrated flow-through system with submersible pump for manipulator directed measurements (i.e. wipe tests on flanges).
– Data export option for integration into existing data acquisition systems.