Parti camera – Mariscope



A set of cameras were developed for the observation of PARTICLES in the water and so it is called as PARTI camera. Some have been made for shallow work and others for ocean depths up to 6,000 m.

Depending on the application of the camera, plastic, aluminum, stainless steels and Titanium alloys are provided.

These systems usually are autonomous due to energy generated by its batteries, which give the necessary energy for the entire duration of the mission. For deepwater systems, these missions usually last for at least 12 months. For this, Mariscope also designs battery packs and lighting systems.

In addition, the company designs and manufactures a memory and power management system according to the requirements of the mission.

Usually installed in ‘LANDERS’, the ‘PARTÍ’ of Mariscope have been incorporated into a whole series of larger equipment.